A different approach

The Iowa caucus is in the national spotlight this week, serving as a timely reminder of what it takes to win close elections: a strong ground game. Face-to-face conversations, volunteer trainings, and a robust voter turnout plan will make the difference in a close election.

It’s no different in San José. That’s why I’m planning to run the best field campaign in District 6.

Will you help us build our own grassroots campaign by pitching in $50, $100, or $200 today?

These days, political campaigns seem to be all about spending on flashy TV ads and billboards that tout hollow promises. We believe in a different approach. Our campaign is setting out to to have meaningful conversations with voters at their doorstep. We want to hear about your dreams and ideas, what’s happening in your neighborhood or at your business, and what it’s going to take to leave San José with more opportunity for our children.

But grassroots campaigns don’t come cheap. We have a lot of clipboards to purchase, door-knocking packets to print, and hard-working volunteers to feed.

Will you make a contribution TODAY to help kick off our ambitious voter outreach?

Thanks for your support and I hope to see you this Sunday for our Volunteer Kickoff!