Building a more unified community

As the cornerstone of community, I believe schools and school districts have a moral obligation – and a unique opportunity – to serve as beacons of hope and security for the most vulnerable among us.

I recently came across this piece on EdSource, an education policy website, about programs being offered by Oakland Unified School District to support unaccompanied immigrant students.

Their personal stories made me reflect on what San José Unified can and should do to truly engage on immigration and other issues that go beyond our schools but have an undeniable impact on our students and families, such as affordable housing, health care, and food security.

Please read this column I wrote for San José Inside. If you agree, I hope you'll share it on Facebook and Twitter so we can begin the conversation.

If we bring all of our students, families, employees, and neighbors together around our common goals and aspirations, we can build a truly Unified district.

I hope you will stand with me to make it so.

- Peter