Building Community

We should ensure that everyone has a voice in decisions that impact our students, our schools, and our neighborhoods.

Grassroots Outreach

While serving as San José Unified’s Public Information Officer, I drafted an action plan for a “street team” model that would leverage passionate parents, students, teachers, and staff in a marketing campaign grounded in personal conversations. I would jump at the opportunity to lead on this strategy as a board member.

Multiculturalism & Diversity

San José Unified should continue to build on the success of programs like two-way bilingual immersion by expanding it to all of our schools, developing ethnic studies courses to build cultural literacy among students and staff, and fully incorporating LGBTQ+ and other untold histories in our curriculum.

Live Streaming

As the largest school district in the self-proclaimed “Capital of Silicon Valley”, San José Unified should offer free live video streams of all public events, including Board of Education meetings, town halls, and advisory committee meetings. This service is already offered by surrounding districts and public agencies, including the City of San José.