It's time for our campaign to make some tough decisions. Vote by mail ballots go out in a little more than two weeks, and we need to choose how to spend our limited resources in order to have the most impact. Do we send another mailer? Do we pay for online ads? Do we hire more staff?

We can't make these decisions until we know how much we have to spend...

Will you make a contribution of $50, $75, or $100 before the next reporting deadline this Saturday at midnight?

If you've already given, please consider giving again — up to the $600 individual limit. If you've "maxed out" or can't give any more, please forward this email to someone you know and ask them to match your donation. And if you haven't given... well, I'll just assume you haven't been reading these emails!

Please donate and help us meet our goal for Saturday's deadline.

Whether or not you can give, you're invited to join us for a special event TONIGHT at México Lindo Restaurant. We'll celebrate our successes thus far and look ahead to a busy month of getting out the vote. Click here to learn more and RSVP.