Going out giving

While our campaign to raise standards in San José Unified wasn't ultimately successful, I'm humbled by the 200 donors who gave more than $28,000 to make it all possible. Of course, we'd planned to spend every dollar we raised, but as we did our final accounting for the FPPC, we found ourselves with a surplus of about $350.

Since I'm required to close out all my campaign accounts, and all our vendors have been paid, I asked you for suggestions of San José-based nonprofit organizations that do a great job serving our community and could use a few bucks at the end of the year. The responses were nothing short of inspiring.

On New Year's Eve, I was proud to give $10 each* to these 31 groups. I encourage you to pick your favorite(s) and match me:

African American Community Service Agency
Alliance for Youth Achievement
The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.
Campbell San José West Rotary Foundation
Catalyze SV
Children's Discovery Museum
Code for San José
College of Adaptive Arts
District 8 Community Roundtable
Exhibition District
Fistula Foundation
The Health Trust
Little Italy San José Foundation
National Women's Political Caucus Silicon Valley
No Kid Hungry
Noon Arts and Lectures
Opera Cultura
Project HIRED
Sacred Heart Community Service
San José Animal Care Center
San José Public Library Foundation
San José Taiko
Santa Maria Urban Ministry
School of Arts and Culture at MHP
Shop With a Cop Silicon Valley
SIREN Bay Area
Third Street Community Center
Walk San José

When all was said and done, I had $17.43 left to give to the American Cancer Society in memory of my father, Jack, who would've turned 72 on Christmas Eve.

It sucks to lose an election, and I'm grateful for every single dollar you gave. That's why I'm happy every single dollar found its way to a good cause.

See you on the flip side.

- Peter

* In some cases, I gave a little more to cover the cost of credit card processing fees.