We'll know in less than a week

Less than a week from now, we'll know how this race ends. It's been a wild, four-month ride. Here's a quick look at where things stand:

  • Beginning Thursday morning, we raised $1,000 in 24 hours to help send our final mailer to voters across Trustee Area 2.
  • On Sunday, we officially placed our last yard sign. Our supporters stepped up to help with marketing, and voters have taken notice!
  • Yesterday, I knocked on my 5,500th door. That's translated into more than 2,000 face-to-face conversations with likely voters, which could be the margin of victory.

But we're not done yet. We have 6 days left to make a difference — and here are 3 ways you can help...

  1. Sign up for our Virtual Phone Bank – Help us contact the voters we can't reach on the doors, all from the comfort of your home.
  2. Join us for our Final Walk 'n' Talk this Saturday, Nov. 3rd – This is your last chance to canvass with the best field team in the South Bay!
  3. Make a last-minute donation – Every dollar you give will help us reach another voter before Election Day.

There is nothing more rewarding or impactful than getting involved on a local campaign. And it doesn't have to be mine. Find your passion over the next week, and make it so.

Together, we'll build a wave that can't be broken.