Meet our team

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I don't know who said it first (probably Mark Twain) but it applies to just about every human endeavor — and it's especially true for political campaigns. That's why I’m honored and humbled to have the support of parents, students, educators, and neighbors throughout our community.

In the days and weeks ahead, I’ll introduce you to our team and let them tell you in their own words why they endorse our campaign to elevate standards for our neighborhood schools.

Leading off is Rich Garcia, who represented our area on the San José Unified Board of Education for more than a decade. Rich says —

“I support Peter because of his lifelong commitment to progressive values, his sensitivity to diversity, and his passion for providing every child with the opportunity to discover their own greatness.”

Next up is Millie Crosby, a teacher at Burnett Middle School, who says —

“San José Unified teachers support Peter because he’s dedicated to fighting for our ability to innovate in the classroom and leveraging resources to make our region more affordable for the ‘missing middle’.”

And no team would be complete without parents like Sue Pavlik, a leader on the district's Community Advisory Committee for Special Education, who says —

“Peter appreciates the concept of structuring education to how students learn rather than ‘teaching to the test’. Electing Peter will be a giant leap towards effective education in our diverse communities.”

As you can see, we have a pretty good team, and it's not too late for you to join us! Visit my website to add your name today, and click here to meet the whole team.

Together, we can win this election and build a more Unified community.

Already endorsed and want to make a deeper impact? Consider making a donation to support our voter outreach.