Peter and Asm. Rich GordonOur campaign is growing stronger every day, as more and more community leaders step up to show their support...

Recently, I was honored to receive the endorsement of State Assemblymember Rich Gordon. For decades, Rich has been a tireless advocate for working people and sustainable development. Here's what he had to say in endorsing me:

"Peter is a dedicated and passionate leader who cares deeply for our environment and will ensure that everyone has a voice in building a brighter future for San José and our region. I'm honored to support him as he takes the next step in his lifetime of service to the community."

If you agree with Rich, please consider making a donation of $50, $100, or $200 to our campaign.

Rich joins hundreds of elected officials, education leaders, nonprofit champions, small business owners, and local residents on Team Peter. You can read a full list here and send us an email to add your name.

Together, we'll prove that a grassroots campaign powered by the people can stand up to the special interests and bring creative leadership to City Hall.

Make a donation today to keep the momentum going!

P.S. Every Saturday and Sunday between now and Election Day on June 7th, we'll be knocking doors and talking to voters across District 6. If you can't make a donation, this is a great way to make a contribution. Go to and sign up for a shift or two – or three – today.