My ballot

I think it's fair to say we've had a rough and tumble election season at just about every level, and San José hasn't been spared from the smears and the barbs. It's gotten to the point where a lot of us are counting the minutes until it's all over.

But the truth is it's never over. The struggle goes on after Election Day, and we'll all need to come together if we truly want to move forward. In the meantime, we have some decisions to make and a long ballot to consider.

With that and without further comment, I offer my recommendations, sticking to the candidates and measures on the ballot in San José Precinct 1664. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the logic behind these recommendations.

Elected Offices
President/Vice President - Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine
U.S. Senator - Kamala Harris
U.S. Representative, District 19 - Zoe Lofgren
State Senator, District 15 - Jim Beall
State Assemblymember, District 28 - Evan Low
San José Unified School Board, Area 3 - Pam Foley
San José City Council, District 6 - Helen Chapman
Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, District 4 - Dorsey Moore

Statewide Propositions
51. School bonds - NO
52. Medi-Cal funding - YES
53. Statewide approval for revenue bonds - NO
54. Posting bills online 72 hours before vote - NO
55. Continue tax on the wealthy for education - YES
56. Increase cigarette tax and tax vaporizers - YES
57. Parole for nonviolent offenders - YES
58. Making bilingual education easier - YES
59. Repeal Citizens United - YES
60. Condoms in porn - NO
61. Prescription drug pricing - YES
62. Repeal death penalty - YES
63. Gun control - YES
64. Legalize cannabis - YES
65. Funds from sale of carry-out bags - NO
66. Speed up death penalty - NO
67. Plastic bag referendum - YES

Local Measures
A. Affordable housing bond - YES
B. Transportation tax - YES
E. Opportunity to Work initiative - YES
F. Repeal and replace Measure B - YES
G. Modernize San José business tax - YES
X. San José Evergreen CCD bond - YES
Y. San José Unified SD parcel tax - YES