On to Sacramento!

I'm excited to report that I am now an elected delegate to the California Democratic Party from Assembly District 28! As you can see from the final vote tally, I finished 3rd out of 25 male candidates. The top seven men and seven women are elected, with two alternates.

AD28 ADEM Results 2017

A grand total of 436 Democrats braved the rain to participate, and the top vote getter went home with 239 votes. As a frame of reference, the top vote getter in the previous ADEM — just two years ago — received 104 votes. It's clear that the 2016 election fired up grassroots progressives to get involved, and I hope to keep those folks involved through my role as a delegate and my ongoing work as a leader in our Party and our community.

My humble and heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted, regardless of how you voted. It's critical that Democrats stay engaged and embrace our "big tent" philosophy if we want to enact lasting change to the benefit of all. Congrats to our new E-Board Rep Olivia Navarro, and props to all of the candidates for running.

Stay tuned to this space as we head toward CDP Convention, May 19-21 in Sacramento. I'll be posting updates on party elections, calls to action, and the role of a delegate. Thank you again for your support.

Top 10

How we can make the California Democratic Party a relevant political force that inspires dedication and incites disruption, in 10 easy steps:

1. Embrace diversity and collaboration. Party politics are an enigma, difficult to decipher. Pull back the curtain, open the big tent.

2. Don’t just pay lip service to Latino engagement. Support legislation that helps Latino families. Y aprender a hablar español.

3. Truly involve Young Dems. No Sunday convention speech for the CYD President. Prime speaking spot. Maybe a Saturday lunch keynote.

4. Don’t send our best campaign staff and volunteers to Nevada. Invest in robust local field efforts to build the pipeline in CA.

5. Commit to values, not individual issues. We fight too many petty internal battles. Let’s work together to ensure progress for all.

6. Elect party leaders who answer to the party, not other masters. This might alienate traditional allies, but they’ll get over it.

7. Stop whining about every Trump tweet. Stop whining about the Electoral College. Just stop whining. Unless you have a solution.

8. Make this stuff fun! And no, I’m not talking about waving signs. Think outside the box. Hell, burn the box. Encourage initiative.

9. Educate the electorate. People have an enormous capacity to learn and evolve – if we slow down long enough to teach them.

10. Remember why we chose to be Democrats in the first place: Because together, we are the last best hope for the future of America.

Why I'm running for ADEM

Fellow Democrats,

Like you, I was pretty deflated on election night in November. But the next morning, the sun came up, and our country was still here.

As California Democrats, we had a lot to celebrate: super majorities in the State Legislature, critical funding for public education, and continued reforms to our broken criminal justice system. It’s been said that we live in a bubble. I like to see it as a portal into a future where a blue wave has washed across our country and made us a more perfect union. But we won’t get there by sticking to the same old script. That’s why I’m running to serve as a delegate to the State Central Committee.

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