People are voting

Team PAIt's starting to get real out there. Primary ballots are landing in mailboxes, campaign literature is piling up on doorsteps, and people are voting. Four weeks from today, we'll find out the results of all our hard work. But we can't let up until the final ballot is cast.

Will you join us to walk a turf or make calls to voters?

I'm excited to report that we've already reached more than 8,000 doors and talked to thousands of voters. Our message of affordability, safety, and community is resonating everywhere we go in the district, and the personal interactions we're having make all the difference.

Please volunteer to help us out down the stretch.

As a bonus, when you walk more than once, you get a fancy campaign shirt. Throw in free coffee and bagels, and that's a hard deal to beat!

I hope to see you soon on the campaign trail.

As always, if you don't live in the area or can't volunteer, please consider making a donation to support our efforts. Grassroots campaigns aren't cheap, and we need a strong direct mail game to back up our field outreach. Thank you!