For the price of a pumpkin spice latte

Every day when I'm out knocking doors, I hear a familiar story. It's the story of parents, students, educators, and neighbors who feel forgotten and unheard.

It's this story that keeps me up at night, because we can do better. We can raise our standard for engagement and build a truly unified community in San José Unified.

But it won't happen without you.

This Saturday marks the next important fundraising deadline of the campaign, and we're still short of where we need to be to cover our budget.

Please make a donation of whatever you can spare before 11:59pm Saturday.

If you're tapped out from giving to other candidates, or you're like most of us and living check-to-check, consider giving as little as $5.

For the price of a pumpkin spice latte, you can help us find the votes we need to win.

Will you give $5 to show your support?

I'm so grateful for your belief in me. I hope you'll take the next step by making a donation today.

Btw, some friends have reported issues donating through my website. Please visit our new donation page, and let me know if you experience any bugs.