Creating Safe & Welcoming Spaces

Our schools should set the standard for security and inclusivity, and we all play a role in keeping students safe.

Security & Inclusivity

We don’t need to arm teachers or turn our schools into prisons. Instead, we can work together to stop bullying and keep our schools safe and welcoming spaces. We can ensure that we have adequate security protocols and procedures in place for every type of emergency. And we can all take responsibility for building a more unified community.

Student Involvement

Students who feel a sense of belonging are far more likely to succeed in school than those who are disconnected from the world around them. As a board member, I would look to engage with students through on- and offline “office hours” to hear their concerns, offer feedback, and serve as a resource for making the district more accessible and less bureaucratic.

Defining Equity

The San José Unified Board of Education passed a landmark Equity Policy in 2010. I believe it’s time for a robust public conversation about how we can truly elevate opportunity for all, better serve the diversity of our community, and address the inherent bias in standardized curriculum and assessments.