Shout outs!

Word is spreading fast that we’re building something big. Just this past Sunday the San José Mercury News gave our campaign a shout out for having the most donors in the District 6 race.

We have to continue leading the pack if we want to win...

If you haven't yet, can you pitch in $100 to help us stay on top?

If you made an early donation to get us started, can you match that donation (up to the $600 individual limit)?

I’m committed to running a people-centered campaign that gives everyone in District 6 an opportunity to voice their best ideas for building an even stronger San José. That’s what creative leadership is all about.

We can’t let deep-pocketed special interests decide what’s best for San José. Can you contribute today to help us deliver our message to District 6 voters?

Running for office is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's a lot easier with friends backing me up. I'm grateful for your support.

Let's make it so!