Young (at heart) Democrat

SVYD_logo.jpgWhile I'm technically "over the hill", I like to think I'll always have a youthful spirit. That's why I'm honored and humbled to be endorsed by the Silicon Valley Young Democrats in my run for San José Unified Trustee Area 2.

As a longtime club member and now associate (aka old) member, I'm committed to supporting young leaders who already do so much to run this valley. As a school board member, I will make it a priority to expand student involvement on key decisions in our schools and at the district level, and I will do all that I can to support our young educators who are struggling to survive in an increasingly expensive region.

I will also look to fulfill SVYD's goals to:

  • "stimulate in young people an active interest in government affairs" by providing more opportunities for civic engagement on and off campus;
  • "increase the efficiency of popular government" by live streaming board meetings and leveraging technology to make the district more accessible from home; and
  • "maintain viability of our free institutions" by ensuring that high quality programs are sustained and all available resources are directed to our students and educators.

I'm proud to have SVYD on my team, and I look forward to announcing more supporters in the weeks ahead.

Together, we can raise our standards of possibility and opportunity and make San José Unified a more welcoming community for all.