Thanks for standing with me.

First thing's first: Thanks for putting up with all of my posts, tweets, and emails leading up to the first fundraising deadline of the campaign. Whether or not you made a contribution to help us get started, I appreciate your support.

Now, the good news...

With minutes to spare before the deadline and a million and one candidates asking for money, we hit our goal. This means we have the resources to invest in early voter outreach, which could provide the margin of victory in this race.

I'm committed to funding this campaign with people, not PACs, and I'm grateful to the family, friends, students, teachers, nurses, young professionals, and retirees who gave anywhere from $5 to $500 to put us over the top.

Because of your support, we're putting political power brokers on notice that the outdated, heavy-handed methods they use to win elections aren't going to work anymore.

We, the people, want government that listens, speaks, and acts on behalf of everyone, not just those with the loudest voices or the deepest pockets. And this November, we have a chance to make it so.

I hope you'll continue to stand with me as we take our message to the doors. If you haven't already, please let me know if you'd like to volunteer to talk to voters, host a meet-and-greet for your neighbors, or display a lawn sign.

The only way to win is for all of us to go all in. See you on the campaign trail!

Btw, if you couldn't contribute before the first deadline, no worries! We'll be raising money all the way up until Election Day. Click here to learn more about how to give.