The final push

Peter and the Greathouses4,858. That's how many District 6 voters have already cast their ballots as of the latest update from the County Registrar. According to our projections, that's 25% of the final turnout. In other words, the race is winding down, but it's far from over...

We need to make a final push to reach the 75% of voters who are still making their decisions. That's why I'm asking for your help one more time.

Will you donate $50 today to help me send a mailer to voters who could give us the margin of victory?

Throughout this race, we've been able to compete with the deep pockets of wealthy opponents backed by Silicon Valley millionaires and special interest PACs because of support from more than 420 individuals making 500+ donations. And we can't let up with the finish line in sight!

Please make a contribution right now so we can get this mailer out the door.

I know I've asked a lot from you over the past six months, and I appreciate everyone who's stepped up thus far. I hope you'll come through for me one more time so we can bring fresh leadership to City Hall.

Even if you can't make a donation, you can still make an impact! We're knocking doors and calling voters all the way through 8pm on June 7th. Let me know if you can help in over the final 12 days with walking or dialing.