What a weekend!

Meet PeterWith 15 days to go, the heat is on in District 6. Yard signs are sprouting like spring flowers, and mailboxes are being inundated with brochures, pamphlets, and other marketing materials, as candidates and causes attempt to woo a dwindling number of undecided voters.

Meanwhile, Team PA had a big weekend, and I wanted to share a few quick notes to bring you up to speed...

Press: Yesterday, Mercury News columnist (and D6 resident) Scott Herhold gave us a shout out for producing the "Best Overall Positive Mailer" of the San José primary election cycle. We've already heard from a number of voters who agree. Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think!

Publicity: We also received kudos on the Merc's Internal Affairs blog for my strong performance in the final candidates forum last Monday at Presentation High School. That's not to mention five letters to the editor that have been published in the Merc thus far. You can click here to write one yourself!

Support: On Saturday, we reached another fundraising milestone when we received our 500th individual donation. This amazing achievement is further proof that we are running the strongest grassroots campaign in District 6. If you haven't already, please step up to join our movement today!

Field: Finally — and most importantly — sometime on Sunday afternoon, we knocked on our 10,000th door of the campaign. Other candidates may have more personal wealth and establishment support, but we are making this race competitive with a lot of shoe leather and a tireless work ethic. And there's still time to help us reach 15,000 doors! Please sign up for a walk shift today.

There is no way I could take this journey alone. My humblest thanks to everyone who's played a role thus far. Together, we are making it so.