Why I'm running for ADEM

Fellow Democrats,

Like you, I was pretty deflated on election night in November. But the next morning, the sun came up, and our country was still here.

As California Democrats, we had a lot to celebrate: super majorities in the State Legislature, critical funding for public education, and continued reforms to our broken criminal justice system. It’s been said that we live in a bubble. I like to see it as a portal into a future where a blue wave has washed across our country and made us a more perfect union. But we won’t get there by sticking to the same old script. That’s why I’m running to serve as a delegate to the State Central Committee.

We don’t need to “dumb down” our message for voters who don’t want to hear it. We need to inspire the next generation to join us in fighting hate with love, ignorance with the truth. Millennials are the most progressive cohort to ever enter the American electorate, and they will soon outnumber every other voting demographic — if they vote. It’s up to us to craft a platform that appeals to their values and recruit candidates who speak to their dreams.

I come from a family of Democrats. They instilled in me a sense of duty and compassion that has driven me to dedicate most of my life to my Party and my community. I have previously served as a delegate to the State Central Committee, an alternate to our County Central Committee, and a member of Democratic Activists for Women Now (DAWN) and the Silicon Valley Young Democrats. I currently serve on the Executive Board of the Century Club, the longest-standing Democratic club in Santa Clara County.

I make a living as Public Information Officer at San José Unified School District, coordinating external and internal communications for the largest school district in Silicon Valley. I am also honored to serve on the City of San José Planning Commission, having previously served on the city’s Arts Commission. Additionally, I volunteer as a board member for my Rotary club and a non-profit Chicano theater company that explores issues of social justice.

I am a proud graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and Bellarmine College Preparatory. I’m lucky to live in my hometown of San José with my fiancée, Angelica Ramos, our two dogs, and two cats. I’d also be lucky to have your vote.

Peter Allen